I am so excited to share this fun and easy project.  Perfect for the new year.  I added it to a holiday box I put together.  I am going to add our New Years Eve party accessories- horns, hats, and spinners.

I started with a $2 clearance canvas and frame from Target’s craft section.  You can find one similar to mine here.

I painted the frame black and added glitter using Mod Podge.

I printed the words New Years Eve in my favorite font and traced it onto the canvas using carbon paper.

I taped sparkle lights onto the back.  They show through the canvas adding just the perfect amount of sparkle.

I had this project on my mind since I found this frame after halloween.  Isn’t it funny how you get something in your head and you just can see it.

Well that was me and this sign.  I knew I wanted a glittery sign that had sparkly lights.

Check out my live video here with all the step by step instructions.