Large porch signs are popping up all over Pinterest.  It is a simple DIY project that just requires wood, paint, printed letters, and carbon paper.  I will give you my quick instructions below.

I will also email you the exact printable I used to trace the letters.  You can sign up to get that here.

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The first thing you need is a piece of wood.  My porch sign is a 6 foot by 10 inch standard board.  If you are lucky enough to score an old piece of barn wood EVEN BETTER!

Start by staining the board.  I use Minwax’s Dark Walnut. Apply the stain and allow the board to dry overnight.

Now my friend, you are ready to start your stencil.  First, I went to my computer and printed out the words I wanted to use.  In this example, I am stenciling Merry Christmas. I wrote the word “Merry” using a pretty cursive and the word Christmas using my favorite printed font.  The word Christmas ends up being one letter per page (size 800 font).

If you prefer to use my design not mess with setting up the fonts and letters.  You can get my three designs to choose from here. 

First- tape the letters/words on the board in the exact place you would like them to go- make sure they fit and you have them centered.  Once you are happy with the layout place a piece of carbon paper under each word or letter and trace the letters.

Next up, painting.  For my porch sign I used Linen White chalk paint by Rustoleum.

Keep in mind brushes make all the DIFFERENCE!!!  Get yourself a nice set of artist brushes and hide them from the kids.  Just like Bob Ross said “Let your brushes do the work.”  For less than $15 you will save yourself a whole lot of time.  Here are the brushes I recommend in the video below.

Start painting in the letters.  You can check out my whole Facebook Live here.  I go through the entire project and offer tips for forming the letters using the different brushes.

If you look closely- these letters are NOT perfect.  I go over them once. Let it dry and then go over the letters one final time correcting along the way.

Finally I seal it the entire piece with a clear polyacrylic like Minwax Polycrylic Water Based Protective Finish.  

Put this sign on your front porch next to your door with some pretty containers of ever greens and you your front porch will be ready for the holidays.

Send me a picture if you make a porch sign and feel free to pin this Christmas sign project with the graphic below.

Happy Crafting,