Waterless Snow Globe

Create a classic Christmas staple- the Snow Globe using things you have around your very own home.  Inspired by the wonder of the holiday season this will surely fill a little nook in your home with the nostalgic feeling of the traditional Christmas decor of what childhood dreams are made of.

These waterless snow globes have been popping up all over Pinterest and after I saw one in person at Anthropologie I knew I had to make one.  I wanted to keep it simple and I wanted to use as many things from home I could.

I started with a cake plate with dome cover.  I have this at home already and knew I would not be using it this holiday season so it was perfect.  You could use a cloche, a mason or glass jar turned upside down. Anything that would give you the sense of wondrous wonderland inside glass.

Next I used a piece of white cotton for the base- I just wanted something to “contain” the next step.

I wanted my snow globe to have a light to it so I added twinkle lights that were battery powered.  I got mine from Target. Here is the link to the ones I have. I really like them because one of the on settings is a timer- so we turn them on and forget about them. After 8 hours they will shut themselves off.  Love the convenience of that.

Next up- salt, I used epson salt and kosher salt as snow and poured it all over the base.  I wanted to hide the wires and lights but not too much that the light would not show through.  I also mounded the salt a little for a “hill’ effect.

Finally, add your trees, vintage cars, or animals.  Here is a set similar to the one that I used- mine are sold out at Target- but these are similar.  I love the vintage truck and brush trees. Simple and gives that vintage nostalgia. LOVE

Finally add the dome back to the top.  That is it. SO easy. It is the perfect fit for our side table in our kitchen.  

Here is the link to the step by step Live video I made.  Hopefully it will inspire you to make one with your family.  

We love to see your projects- post your waterless snow globe on our Facebook page and inspire other crafters.

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