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My name is Kim and I am so happy to meet you. I have a passion for DIY projects and interior design. Three Painted Birds is so much more than a business; it is about family, friends, and finding inspiration in your everyday life.

I was so fortunate as a child to be surrounded by beautiful, creative women.  My mother, grandmother, and their sisters and cousins would gather together once a month to “craft.”  Someone would bring an idea and the supplies, and the night flew by.  They talked and laughed, and dreamt up ideas for their homes.  After I was sent to bed, I would lay listening to the joy it brought them, being together, being creative.  Both my mom and my grandmother encouraged us kids to be creative.  There was always a project to be done.  A craft to do.  A gift to make.

Ever since I was little I dreamed of creating beautiful spaces.  My mom and I redecorated my room when I was around 11 years old.  She let me take the lead.  I picked out the colors, furniture, paint and furnishings.  We found a bedroom set from my great aunt, shells and sand from the beach, cute little shutters for the windows, and beautiful vintage bottles, mirrors and baskets.  I fell in love with it.

In the twenty years since my first child was born, I have brought creating and DIY into our home.  Making gifts, redoing furniture, creating crafts, designing…dreaming.  I would take my family to vintage markets, flea markets, cute design shops. I scoured catalogs and magazines. My girls and I decorated and redecorated rooms.  We would bring home furniture and paint. While my family and close friends knew about my passions, most people did not. I kept this passion near and dear to my heart.

I was afraid to put my work, my passion out there for others to see.

But one day I took a leap.  A BIG LEAP for this girl!

Three Painted Birds was born.

I have my husband to thank. He told me to go for it. He told me it was all beautiful. He told me it was going to be okay. He told me to believe in myself. you hubby!

I believe we all have a creative artist inside of us.  Do you dream of picking up a paintbrush and transforming a piece of furniture?  Do you drive by an old home and imagine buying that “fixer upper”? Do wish you knew where to go to find beautiful architectural pieces, vintage treasures or inspired items? Do you yearn for a creative outlet?  Do you lack the confidence to transform your space?

This is what Three Painted Birds is all about.

When you join the Three Painted Birds community, you will be inspired to discover your inner creative artist.  You will learn to go confidently into transforming furniture, your home and your life.  I lose myself in creative projects; time flies by.  When I am away I can’t help but think about the projects waiting for me at home.

I am learning everyday.  I am learning to trust myself.  To trust my instincts.  To experiment.  To ignore the negativity.  I want to make my passion my work.  There have been bumps along the way.  I have made mistakes. But I have found my calling.  Now I sell beautiful pieces to people who appreciate and value my artistry.  I go to homes, listen to women talk about their dreams, their hopes, their fears, their desires to create a stylish comfortable home.  I help them transform their space. I am so honored to be a part of that process.  I am confident in my abilities.  I am doing exactly what I was meant to do.

Why not dive in with me?  Believe in yourself, create a home you love, and change your life one piece at a time.  I created this blog to help spread my passion for design and to give you, the reader, ideas and resources to create the home of your dreams.  Look around and be inspired.  Welcome to our family!

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