Hey, all you sign lovers out there. I am so excited to write this blog post. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love creating signs with my Silhouette. Anytime anyone ask me how I create my signs I would go into detail about how I would use my Silhouette to create designs on my computer, cut the stencils, weed the stencil, transfer that stencil using the transfer tape, place the stencil on the sign, use Modge Podge to keep it from seeping,  how careful I was using the paint, remove all the transfer to only throw it away.  Where did your eyes start to glaze over in reading that last paragraph?  Was it at “design using the program” or at “throw it away”?

Well, this girl has got some news for you!

I have been watching some of my fellow DIYers on Facebook creating beautiful signs using a new product called Chalk Couture. After a month of watching these women create signs, chalkboards, ornaments, designs on glass, mason jars, and windows in less than 5 minutes with little to no cleanup or drying time I had to check it out for myself.

I have to admit, I was hesitant!  After all Chalk Couture is a newer direct sales company.  With my business growing and doing well, I had no intention of signing on to “one more thing.”
But I couldn’t help myself.  I love this product and I knew my DIY followers would too.  I mean COME ON…..this is one of the most easy to use products I have ever laid my hands on- I wish I would have thought of it, after years of cutting vinyl to make signs.
Let me explain. Chalk Couture is a company that sells chalkboards, transfers, tools, and chalk paste.  It is a direct sales company and anyone looking to start a little side hustle- can sign up as a designer to earn extra money and product!
The transfers are designed using the idea of a t-shirt silkscreen.  The transfers are vinyl and are precut- no designing on the computer.  The transfers have a sticky back that can re-stick multiple times (we are talking 20+ times if you take good care of them!).  Even after washing them off- somehow, magically, the transfer keeps it stick.
These transfers and the discounts I get as a designer were enough to convince me to sign up as a designer!
Since joining Chalk Couture, people all over have been asking me about my videos and my designs.  It was long overdue to share this with all of you.
I bet you have some questions!  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get about this AMAZING product.

How can I buy my own transfers and paste?

Go to my Chalk Couture website (Click here) to purchase products or email me at threepaintedbirds@gmail.com

What paint do you use?

I use the Chalk Couture Chalk Paste for use on the transfers.  It is thicker than traditional paint and dries SUPER fast, making layering paint colors easy.  If you use the paste on a chalkboard when you are ready to change out the design, spray a little water on the design and use a cloth to wipe it off.  No need to have a sign for every season in your house- simply change our the designs instead.

What if I want the design to be permanent?

Sealing the designs is SO easy!  Use a spray sealer and the design will be permanent.

Can I sell the signs or designs I make?

Yes!  This was another thing that convinced me this was a no-brainer decision!  Have you been thinking about selling crafts in a booth or at a local shop or market?  It is now easier than ever to make great signs to sell.  All of the Chalk Couture transfers are commercially licensed.

What does it mean to join as a designer?

Becoming an Independent Designer for Chalk Couture is a great way to get your transfers at a great price AND earn a little extra money!  By signing up as a designer, you become your own boss.  Take this as far or as simply as you want!  It is $99 to start your own Chalk Couture business. Your starter kit includes a framed chalkboard, a round magnetic chalkboard, 3 jars of chalk paste, 6 screen transfers, one large angled squeegee, a small squeegee, a Chalk Couture apron, 25 thank you cards, and a starter guide folder.  In addition to the kit, you pay a $25 monthly subscription fee, this covers the cost of your website (did I mention they design and give you your own website to use to sell and keep track of your products?) AND each month you get the transfer of the month sent to you.  These are released to designers before the general public- so they are great for creating some buzz around the new designs.

How much do I need to sell to keep my designer status?

All designers must meet a $150 Personal Volume every quarter to maintain designer status.  You can drop out at anytime.

Do get special pricing if I sign up as a designer?

YES!  As a designer you can enjoy a wholesale discount of 40% plus you can earn designer dollars to add to your Chalk Couture inventory.

How do I sign up as a designer?

Go to my website by clicking on the image below and click on “Join”

Buy or Join Here Today!