I have this great wooden box and I felt inspired to create a fun filler for the Fourth of July.  This is an easy and fun project anybody can do.  My girls ended jumping in to help and they finished the project!

For this project you will need the following supplies.

To start- cut the napkin into strips about 1 inch wide.

Create a star like pattern to lay the foam ball on.

Start by applying Modge Podge to the entire foam ball

Set in the center of the napkin strips.

Lift the strips up and around the foam ball.  Adding more Modge Podge as necessary.

Cover the entire foam ball.

Use toothpicks or wooden skewers  to keep the foam ball propped up to dry.

Once dry use various sizes to decorate a bowl or lantern.  Add fairy lights to add a little night time drama or additional fun fillers.  Kids LOVE this project.  It is fun and easy to create a little holiday fun for around your house.