Going to the Magnolia Silos is definitely worth the trip.  Take my word for it.  My friend and I traveled down to the city of Waco last spring.  WORTH THE TRIP! Joanna Gaines had her hands and sense of style in everything!

She clearly thought through every detail, which you can’t help but notice as you walk through the store, bakery, grassy field, and gardens.

The good news is, if you can’t yet make the pilgrimage to Waco TX, you can find Joanna Gaines’ products at Pier One!

Here are my top ten Magnolia products at Pier One:

Magnolia Home Cathedral Windows-  These are one of my favorite items.  When I went to the Magnolia Market in Waco, I almost bought one of these. Unfortunately, it couldn’t fit it in my luggage, and didn’t want to pay for shipping.  Now that it is at Pier One I might have to get one.  It’s a great way to add architectural charm to your home.  Would be beautiful with a wreath on it.


Magnolia Home Everly Dark Blue Rug-  This rug is stunning in person. The pictures do not do it justice!

Magnolia Home Zander Navy and ivory Oversized Pillow- It is simple, adds texture, and that fact that it’s oversized makes an impact.

Magnolia Home Wood and Metal Breakfast Tray– This product is so versatile. I love to decorate using trays as provide a simple way to change your décor for holidays.

Magnolia Home Factory Tool Tote- The tool tote can be used with so many decorating ideas! Throw some flowers in it in the spring. Fill it will ornaments for an easy holiday touch. Use it to store your old magazines…with a neutral piece such as this, the sky is the limit! 

Magnolia Home Bakery Kitchen Island- Beautiful wood, great storage- I dream of someday using this in a craft room. Not only does it include a great surface to work on, along with storage space, but it’s also beautiful to behold.

Magnolia Home Southern Sown Leather Sofa- I was never a fan of leather sofas until Pottery Barn. Joanna Gains is also raising the bar!  With their clean lines and breathtaking color, these are comfortable and beautiful.

Magnolia Home Faux Magnolia Garland and Wreath- I would be amiss if I did not include these stunning faux magnolia floral pieces.  After all, did you know Joanna and Chip plant a Magnolia Tree at every property they re-do?

Magnolia Home Courthouse Black Clock– If you are looking for a large piece to hang on the wall and make a statement, this is it!

Magnolia Home Galvanized Letter Box Wall Station- Clutter can take away the joy from the most beautifully-designed room. That’s why the boxes are so great! They provide an easy and attractive way to clean up that mail clutter and successfully restore the room’s feng shui.

Here are some pictures of the lovely trip. Enjoy!