I wanted to decorate the wall in my workspace but I wanted to keep it simple and affordable.  So rather than going out and buying wall art- I decided to craft some.

The first piece I created is an easy to do wall hanging.  You can totally match your decor with your favorite accent colors or complete a theme for a child’s room.

Supplies needed:


Mod Podge

Chip Brush

Six to eight different pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper

Optional 1 by 2 board and stain for frame

Start with a canvas- any size.  Mine was 18 inches by 12 inches.

You can paint the background any complimentary color you like but I left mine plain because I knew I wanted a white background.

Choose six to eight coordinating sheets of scrapbook paper.  Here is where you want to use your accent colors or theme. Have fun with it.

I used my silhouette to cut out trapezoid shapes but you could cut them by hand.  You just want to make sure you cut half of them with the trapezoid going one direction and then cut the other half with the trapezoid going the other direction (a mirror image of the first). I used blues, pinks, whites, and grays mostly in a beach theme!  I want to think about the ocean every time I look at it.

Once you have them ready- start applying a thin layer of Mod Podge on the back of the paper shapes you cut out.  You will be creating a chevron pattern. Place the first piece in the bottom corner to create the first half of your chevron.  Once you have it placed, paint the top of it including the edges with Mod Podge.

Line them up with the side of the canvas, leaving a little space in between each of the cutouts.  Make sure you continue in the same pattern leaving the same amount of space in between each one. Then use your other set of shapes to start the next column of pattern.  Continue with one set then the other until you have the desired look.

You will notice that I did not go all the way up the canvas.  I stopped part of the way up and left it uneven- I like how it looked.

Watch this video to see exactly how I did it.  I loved how it turned out.