It’s that time of year again…the time of crunching leaves and roasting marshmallows. The time of digging out sweaters from the back of the closet and packing away the swimsuits. The time of Facebook posts with half of the mothers weeping at the first day of school and the other half throwing a party because of it. That’s right my friends, it is the Fall. The beautiful, glorious Fall. And I have the perfect craft for this season.

Today we are making our Fall signs. Now, your sign can say whatever you want: “Winter,” “Happy Holidays,” “Put Your Laundry Away Kids” (though, admittedly, that sign would be rather large). I chose mine to say “FALL.”

The best part about this craft (other than it being loads of fun and super cute) is that it’s an easy one you can do with your kids. You can also break it up and do one step a night if your schedule is overbooked.

The Materials:

6×5 inch plywood rectangles. (If your signs says “FALL,” you will need 4. Get 1 plywood rectangle per letter in your sign. Hobby Lobby sells them in packages of six at a great price. Check out their aisle called “Wood Pile.”)

4 different colors of paint

4 different prints of scrapbook paper  ** I used 2 that were heavily patterned, 1 with a slight pattern, and 1 that was mostly color. Mix and match and have fun with this.


Letters (I used 5-inch MDV letters from Hobby Lobby.)


Mod Podge

Jute/String/Rope (I used jute but you can use another option if you prefer. You just need something to tie the squares together.)

Pen or pencil


Hot glue gun

Optional: drill


Step 1: Drill holes in the corners of each board. The top and bottom boards will have 2 holes. The Middle boards will have 4. You are drilling holes so that you can tie the boards together, so simply put the holes in the corners of the boards where you will be attaching them.

Step 2: Paint all of the boards and letters.

**I chose 4 colors and used each color to paint 1 board and 1 letter. However, I did not put the matching letter and board together.

Step 3: Turn the scrap book paper upside down. Place the board on top of the scrapbook paper and trace its outline. Cut a little smaller than board so that some of the paint is showing.

Step 4: Take Mod Podge and a paintbrush and cover the entire backside of the scrap paper with the Mod Podge.

** Pro Tip: Take your time. There is something about playing with this stuff that is therapeutic! 😊

**Actual Pro-Tip: Be generous with Mod Podge. It helps it to adhere and last longer.

Step 5: Press the scrapbook paper to the board. Then cover the board (with the scrap book paper on top) with Mod Podge – remember, it dries clear!

Step 6: Use your finger to smooth out all the air bubbles and wrinkles. Then smooth out the Mod Podge with a brush. Let it dry.

Step 7: Hot glue a letter to the prepared board/scrapbook paper. To do this you will carefully place the glue on the back of your letter then attach the letter to the prepared board.

Step 8: String it all together! I chose to string mine vertically. However, you could string yours side by side to create a nice bunting for your mantle or window.

** The scrap book paper will have covered the drilled holes. Push a wooden skewer through the hole to open it back up. Then you can put the jute or string through the holes and tie the pieces together. Roughly measure the string to make sure that all the ties are equal distance apart. Then, trim off extra string.

Step 9: Add fun, finishing touches. I chose to add an embellishment to each letter, but you can add as many or as little as you want! Be sure to decide the placement the embellishments before you glue any of them. You could also add raffia, colored straw, or any number of options! Just make sure to be creative and have fun!

After your sign dries you can proudly hang it up for the world to see. That’s it: your fun, easy, fall craft for the year.

Happy creating!