I get asked all the time about the business side of my small business.  From how I do things to what I use. I am happy to share my resources and the things I have learned.  My biggest advice to anyone who is looking at starting their own business is to hire a business coach and find your people.  About a year into my business- I knew I wanted to get serious about it. That this hobby of mine meant a great deal to me- it was my passion. I was looking for how to move my business online and grow.  Up until that point I had just done a few markets here and there. So I did what most people do and I started to Google how to blog, how to build a social media following, how to design a website…..you get the idea.  What did I discover? That finding this information is hard. I would often go down rabbit holes- chasing the information all over the web. I also found that some people give you some of the advice but are pretty tight lipped about the “secrets” or resources they use.  I have a long commute so I started listening to podcasts- this is where I found my tribe.  I was listening to “The Jennifer Allwood Show” a business podcast by the one and only painter turned business coach- Jennifer Allwood.

I loved the podcast and her straightforward advice.  She was completely transparent and offered advice from the heart.  I did a search online and discovered she has a coaching group called “The Inner Circle”.  After a little thought- I joined and have been a member since.
Here is the link to join her Creators Roadmap Course
Jennifer Allwood’s Inner Circle has changed me and my business.  Here are the reasons why you need to find a business coach and a tribe of entrepreneurs to support you.

As a member of the Inner Circle you get WEEKLY trainings from everything like SEO to building a social media following, to earning multiple streams of income.  

Each month you get a “Needle Mover” challenge and homework.  These are easy to implement and learn.

Finally the most important benefit of being a member of this group is the accountability and resources within the group.  In her private Facebook group you can find encouragement, a place to ask questions, and a wealth of resources to find answers to your business questions.

A business coach like Jennifer will challenge your thinking, goals, and your willingness to grow.  Simply put a good business coach will help you earn more money and get you towards your goals faster.  

Here are the Five Signs it is Time to Join a Coaching Group:
1.  You need someone to talk to about your business.  I get your husband, sister, mother, friends are supportive of you starting your own business but do they really get it?  I mean REALLY get the things you are struggling with? NO. This is why joining a coaching group is important. These people are just like you- and they get it.
2.  You know what you need to do but you don’t know how to do it.  By joining a coaching group you will have access to trainings and resources to help you get from point A to point B faster and easier.  You can learn from the mistakes of others and get your questions answered so you can move forward faster.
3.  You are overwhelmed.  If you are overwhelmed because you have too many things happening that you feel you don’t know what you are doing- a business coach can help clarify things for you.  Often others can see what we cannot and in a good coaching group- people will tell you what you need to hear- not what you want to hear.
4. You want to grow.  Your business will only grow as fast as you do.  Find a coaching group to learn from.
5.  You want to save time and money.  Go about it on your own is hard. You will take more time and spend more money unnecessarily if you are going at it on your own.  Wasted time and money can be saved by learning from people who have gone before you.

Not convinced yet?  Watch my interview with my business coach Jennifer Allwood and consider joining her Inner Circle Coaching Group.