You all know I have a new glitter obsession this holiday season- this has to be one of my favorite projects this year.  A few weeks ago I made Glittered Christmas Trees for our mantle. You can see the Live how to video here.

I had seen this reindeer head in Michaels and KNEW he would be the perfect match on my fireplace.
Some of these links may be affiliate links of which I make a small commission. Nonetheless, these are all items I use and love.

Paper Mache Reindeer
White Paint
Mod Podge
Seed Beads
Polyacrylic spray or Epoxy
Chip Brush

Start with painting the entire reindeer white.  I even painted the back because I knew I would be hanging it on our mirror and didn’t want the brown to be reflected back in the mirror.  Let that dry.

Next, paint on a generous coat of Mod Podge.  I like to work in sections. Sprinkle the seeds beads then the glitter.

Continue until the entire reindeer is covered in sparkly goodness.

Let that dry.  

Next, you will want to seal the glitter and beads in.  I like to use an epoxy. The epoxy creates a clear coat over the surface- even with the bumpy beads- making it easy to move and store without losing beads and glitter all over.

Here is the step by step how to video.

I did a video to show you how I use epoxy.  It is easy to use- just needs 24-48 hours of drying time.

I added a ribbon and hung it by the fire.

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