Friends, today I have a holiday craft that is SO simple you can do it with the kids. And yet it comes out looking incredibly elegant! We are going to make hoop wreaths! I can’t get them out of my mind. I see them more and more and I LOVE them!

Click on the link to see my Facebook Live that shows how easy these are to create!

Or, simply read below.

Supplies Needed:

Embroidery Hoop (Like these– Any size you choose)

Floral and Evergreen Stems (Like these– Any size to fit the bottom of the hoop.  You can choose from any season as well- these are not just for Christmas!)

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks (This one works great!)

Floral wire and Floral Tape for heavier stems (This is a great starter kit)

Wire cutter





The Process:

1. Start with the Embroidery hoop. I love these! They are so cheap. And they bring back memories of crafts with my grandmother!

** Feel free to get creative. You can wrap the hoops in burlap or yarn. You could even stain or pain them! The sky’s the limit! For this tutorial, I decided to leave the hoop plain.

2. Print a word using cardstock paper. I used the “landscape” setting on my printer.

3. Cut the edges of the paper into a flag shape.

4. Put the printed card stock in the middle of the hoop.

** You can place it at an angle, or keep it even.

5. Loosen the hoop by turning the screw and stretching it out. Put it above the paper.

6. Press the hoop down carefully on the paper (line it up with the other half of the hoop).

** If you like its placement, tighten the hoop back up by turning the screw the other way.

7. Pick out a piece of an evergreen.

8. For smaller hoops, cut the evergreen piece apart to create smaller pieces.

** The easiest way to do this is to cut away at the floral tape. Start to pull each individual piece out.

9. Bend the item so it goes along the circle.

10. Use floral wire for initial securing.

** The glue gun will secure the smaller pieces. But the wire is good for the bigger pieces.

** You might need to use the wire in a couple of different spots. The floral wire is green so it is easily disguised.

11. Layer the pieces.

** You can go in different directions with the greenery. Or you can stay on one side and go up the side of the hoop.

** Remember to bend the greenery to go along with the shape of the hoop.

12. Add other types of leaves once you have your greenery base.

** Some options include: Berries, Magnolia leaves, Cedars, Pine Cones

13. Hot glue gun these to the wreath.

** Pro Tip: You can use the wire cutters to hold the piece in place, so you don’t burn your fingers while waiting for hot glue to cool. (Just don’t glue the wire cutters!) 😊

14. Use the floral wire if the item does not stick, or for extra securing after gluing the item.

** Keep adding the extras on to the hoop wreath until you like the look of it.

15. Add a piece of ribbon to the top of the hoop to secure it to your door, mantle, or wherever you would like it to hang!

That’s it! I am telling you, this is so simple, easy, and fun! I’ve seen these in a monochromatic style with evergreen sprayed with snow and white flowers. I’ve also seen them glammed up with glitter! The point is, you can take this and make it match your style.

Happy holidays friends

Happy crafting!