Sometimes I miss having little ones around the house.  Don’t get me wrong. I love the stage my kids are in. We joke about having a house full of teenagers….but in reality- it is a gift watching them grow into the adults they will soon become.  We saw that with my oldest daughter. She is now grown and out of college- living her dream out in the northwest. But every once in awhile we miss the excitement of little ones.

I am fortunate that I have brothers who are WAY younger than me.  Which means that they had children later than me- which means we still have little ones around.  The advantage is we can watch our children be guides in their lives. They come over and everyone in our house gets into coming up with things for them to do.

I was thinking of something fun to send to them for Valentine’s Day and came up with the perfect gift!  

This project came up in one of my Facebook groups Cricut Life.  If you are a crafter- you have to find your people. These groups are great for having people to connect with.  I have found great project ideas and SO many resources for buying craft supplies. Kinda like my Club Create crafting group- if you are not a member and you love crafting- you should think about becoming a member.  Every month we take on a new crafting project. Whether you are looking for unique gift ideas or for home decor diy projects- we would love to have you join. We have such a great community.

I thought this project not only makes a great gift but they will be able to “play” post office for the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

I found these little mailboxes at Walmart.  You can get them here- they are a seasonable item but they also have them here.

I also purchased little treats, a couple different boxes of Valentine’s, and fun pencils.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out each one’s name to add to the mailbox. You can watch my Facebook Live here to learn how I applied the vinyl names to the mailboxes.  

They turned out so cute and I wish I lived closer to be able to play post office with them in person.  I can just picture them, lining the mailboxes up, creating their own “mail” and then delivering it to each of the boxes.  Then in turn, getting their own “mail” and opening the Valentine’s from each other.

Each one will get their own personalized mailbox, pencils, Valentines, envelopes, and sweet treat.

Do you have a little one that loves to make believe?  What was your favorite make believe game as a child?