This year is the first year I am participating in the Madison Brava Magazine’s Women’s Expo.  I will have a booth at the market as well as host the craft bar. The event is November 17 and 18 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI.  My craft bar event is on Saturday starting at 11:45. I am so excited.

The last few weeks have been filled with projects for my booth for the Expo.  I think one of our top sellers will be these adorable signs topped with a wreath and bow.

I will take you through the steps I used to make them and maybe you can make one for your own home if you cannot get out to the Madison Women’s Expo this weekend.

This post may contain affiliate links for items I use, decorated with and recommend. If you purchase, I could make a small commission at no charge to you. 

8 feet by 2 feet Chalkboard from Home Depot- cut into four one foot by two foot sections
1 inch by 2 inch boards for the frame
Stain for the frame- I used Mirwax Mahogany Stain
Holiday Stencils- Truck, Merry Christmas, or Good Tidings
Rustoleum Chalk Paint- white
Stencil Brush
12 inch holiday wreath
3 inch ribbon
Clear Acrylic Spray
picture hanger

Stain your boards that you cut for the frame.

I would then start with stenciling each chalkboard. Not up for making your own frame and chalkboard- check out this pre-made one would work great.

Stenciling is easy to do but there are some tips to help avoid the dreaded “seepage”.  

First, tape the stencil to the board using painters tape. It helps to have it secured to the surface. You can also use a spray re-positionable adhesive on the back to hold it in place.  Second, use a stenciling brush. These brushes are flat which makes the motion of stenciling easier. Third, use a dry brush. Only put a little bit of paint on the stencil and then use a paper plate to stamp off most of the paint.  You can always add more paint as you- but if your brush is dripping with paint, the paint will seep under the stencils and ruin your design.

Once your stencil is complete- spray the piece with the clear acrylic spray to seal it on the chalkboard.  

Check out my Facebook Live Video that shows you step by step how to create the perfect stenciled finish.

Once your stencil is completely dry, glue and nail the stained frame around the chalk board.  (If you bought a pre-made chalkboard- you can skip this)

Loop your ribbon through the wreath and pull the ends up over the top of the frame.  Staple the ribbon to the back of the frame. Add the picture hanger to the back of the frame.  

If you loved this project you will love my FREE stenciling furniture video.  Learn how to create custom pieces of furniture using just a stencil.