There are many blogs that I follow as a parent, teacher, businesswoman, and creative thinker. But I myself have never blogged. The thought of blogging never even crossed my mind. That is until I discovered a blog post by Casey Bell, from Shake Up Learning, entitled “Perfectionist with Paralysis.” That is me- an introvert who is in a state of paralysis. I often wonder if anyone could possibly be interested in reading about my ideas, thoughts, and experiences. Of course, I spent time researching all about blogging, platforms, and technical issues; but actually writing a blog post was a totally different hurdle. I even purchased a subscription for a year from a blog platform service- and NEVER POSTED A SINGLE THING!

But, Casey inspired me (thank you, Casey)!  So here it goes: a “perfectionist with paralysis” is jumping out of the plane and into the world of writing. I do not claim to be a great writer. (I had a wonderful friend and co-teacher tell me – “well your writing has lots of…voice.”) I am quite certain there will be grammatical errors (sorry grammar girl, you know who you are :)). I will ramble and run-on and misuse commas. And don’t even get me started on passive voice! I will do my best. But the time has come, the mind is on fire with ideas, and there is no better time to start than today.

Writing and sharing my writing is an enormous leap of faith for me. In this blog, you will read about my vintage adventures, redecorating projects, my craft creations, renovation stories, my fun and loving family, the development of my own business and a complete mixture of all that is me. I am so excited about this new chapter in my life. I hope you find inspiration here.

Welcome! Deep breath….Smile and……Here I go…