Do you have empty wine bottles laying around? A bottle that means something to you? A special bottle from a vacation? Are you looking for a unique present?

Well, then, look no further! Today, we are discussing Wine Bottle Keepsakes!

What you will need:

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A board. I used an old piece of barn wood.



3/8″ Ceiling flange. You can find this in the electrical aisle near the plumbing. You can buy it in copper or silver. I decided to spray paint mine black. I used Rust-Oleum Spray Paint **Pro Tip: Poke the sealing flange into a piece of Styrofoam to easily spray paint the entire piece!

¾” Split ring hanger. It can be a little tricky to find the right size. You might want to bring the wine bottle with you (Empty wine bottle of course. I am not promoting drinking at the hardware store 😊). I used a 2″ split ring.

3/8″ Threaded rod (I bought a 12 inch piece and had Home Depot cut it into 3″ pieces)

12- 1 x ¼ inch Wood Screws

Measuring tape

Flowers/ Fake flowers

Sawtooth Hanger

The Process:

1) Decide where to hang the bottle on the board.

2) Use the pencil to mark the board where you want the bottle to hang. I chose mine to be in the center of the board. You might need a measuring tape to center the bottle.

3) Drill holes where the sealing flange will go.

4) Trade out the drill bit for screws to screw in the sealing flange.

5) Screw in the ceiling flange.

6) Screw the threaded rod into the ceiling flange.

7) Attach the split ring to the threaded rod.

8) Place the wine bottle into the split ring.

9) Tighten the split ring around the wine bottle with a drill.

10) Add flowers or fake flowesr in a bottle.

11) Attach a hanger to the back so that you can hang it on the wall.

12) The flowers look great with a label on the wine bottle, a clear wine bottle, or with a colored wine bottle without a label.

That’s it. Enjoy your Keepsake Wine Bottle! You might need to open another bottle to congratulate yourself on your beautiful work. After all, you earned it.

Happy Creating!