My daughters are CRAZY about slime. They could play with it for hours. Mixing, creating, stretching, testing, experimenting. Anna came up with this idea to make a slime gift for her friends.

Slime-Filled Ornaments

First, you have to make the slime.  She chose peppermint scented slime which we then dyed green.

Click the link to watch our live video making the Peppermint Slime!

Or, simply follow the directions below.

Recipe for Green Peppermint Slime

*Keep out of the reach of small children.  Use caution with the slime: can stain hands, carpet, and clothing.  Children can have reaction to this slime when handled.

1 Cup water

1 Tablespoon Borax

Mix these two ingredients together until they are combined; set aside.

1 cup glue

¼ cup foam shaving cream

Mix these two ingredients together until they are fluffy.

Add a few drops of green food coloring until you get the desired color.  Mix until well blended in color.

Add a teaspoon of this mixture to one tablespoon of peppermint flavoring, mix.

Add the borax and water solution one teaspoon at a time until the slime no longer sticks to the bowl.  Remove from bowl and continue to mix with your hands until the slime is the consistency you desire.  If you add too much borax the slime gets hard.  If this happens, no problem! Just add some lotion to soften it.

Remove the top of a clear plastic ornament and roll the slime to fit through the hole.  Put a small piece of cling wrap or press and seal to cover the opening. Replace the top of the ornament back in its place.

Add a bow on top and you have a slime-filled ornament to give to your friends! It’s that simple!

Happy crafting!

 Here is our Facebook Live video that goes through the process step by step.