Back to school is always a bitter sweet time in our house.  The carefree go with the flow days of summer are coming to an end.  One thing we do to get back into the grove is clean house- everyone goes through their closets, bookcases, and toys.  We donate the things that no longer fit or use, sell some of the items, and take inventory on the things that the kids need.  Pants- they ALWAYS need new pants at the beginning of the year.  HOW DO THEY GROW SO MUCH?

Speaking of growing one of the things that we do EVERY August is mark their measurements on the wall next to the door in the garage.  I CANNOT BELIEVE how much they have grown.  We love to compare one year to the next and to see how had the most growth in one year.  They still love to do this even though they are teens.

This year we did our school supply shopping early. Last year we missed the boat and ended up going everywhere to try and find the right supplies because they had sold out of some of the things the kids needed!  We get their school supplies at Target.  But then we hit the online shops for fun and new things to inspire good habits, add a little sunshine to their day, or mark the changing of the season.

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Here are our top ten things for add fun to back to school.

  1. Our family has made a commitment to not use plastic straws.  So we were on the hunt for reusable straws.  We found this fun set on Amazon.

Kikkerland Reusable Straws

2.  Ever since the kids have been little I love to put little notes and surprises in their lunches.  These little notes make it fun and easy.

Designer Lunchbox Notes

3.  With the change of season comes soccer season.  Any midwestern soccer families out there?  You KNOW that having your car stocked with supplies for any type of weather is a must.  So this year we bought a throw blanket- perfect for fall.  We love the blue pattern and especially love the leather strap that makes it easy to carry and store.

Throw Blanket by Magnolia’s Hearth and Hand 

4.  I am a list maker.  I highly recommend list journaling.  Someday, I will need to a blog post on this technique I use to keep track of everything.  Basically, it is journaling lists of everything that you need to remember- including gratitude, milestones, and those little things that take your breath away.  To do this, I love to have a beautiful journal to carry around.  Like this one- perfect for fall, for journaling lists, and for keeping track of all the school paperwork.

Hearth and Home Portfolio

5.  During the school year, Sundays are made for organizing ourselves for the week. I always try to include one fun thing for lunches or snacks.  These molds are great for making gelatine jigglers or chocolate candies.  They make us smile.

Emoji Molds for Fun Gelatine Jigglers/Candy

6.  Anyone else need to have things written on a calendar to know what is going on?  With this magnetic calendar- our whole family knows what is happening for the month.  Simple to use and having it in a central location means everyone sees it.

Magnetic Calendar

7.  These pencil cases are just pure fun.  My girls love animals and the colors of these are right on trend.  They use them for their pencils and pens but also for personal items, make-up, and for small items in their soccer bags.

Pencil Case Holders

8. These speakers are so fun.  They are waterproof and have bluetooth.  These make getting in the shower in the morning a little easier.  We all love listening to music.  I love listening to my favorite podcasts.

NeeGo Shower Speaker

9.  Okay, these stopped me in my tracks.  They are just pure fun!  These bookends are high glam and a bit of whimsey.  They not only have unicorns, they also have hamburgers, bananas, donuts, and more.  Get their rooms organized and add a little bit of fun.

Unicorn Bookends

10.  I love quotes and affirmations.  We have signs in every room in our house that remind us of the wisdom of others.  How about adding a pillow in the kids rooms that gives them of a positive message?  These pillows are stylish and add a little inspiration to any room.

Inspirational Pillow