I love the buffalo plaid pattern.  AND NOW- you see it just about everywhere.  In thinking about how to decorate our newly finished fireplace and mantle after the holidays- (You can see the fireplace transformation here) .  I knew I had to somehow incorporate it somehow.

Knowing that I there are a series of holidays coming up Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter, I knew I wanted something that I could transition from one into the next…..and I came up with just the right thing!

A Buffalo Plaid Sign!

It would be the perfect backdrop to layering other more specific holiday decor.

It is so easy and you can totally do it too!

Here are the supplies you need:

Start with your background paint color.  Paint the entire canvas and allow this to dry overnight.

Decide on the size of your pattern and start taping off in one direction.  I wanted my buffalo plaid pattern to be thick so I left two tape lengths between each stripe.  Then paint using your main color paint. Be sure to keep your brush on the dry side- do not use a lot of paint- it will seep under the tape and then your stripes will look messy.   I used black paint for the stripes. Before the paint has a chance to dry, wipe some of the paint away.

Let dry for one to two hours. (Truth Bomb….I didn’t wait one to two hours….ain’t got no time for that….if you are like me you will want to be dry to the touch and just be careful not smear the paint all over.)

Remove the painters tape.

Then make the same stripe pattern going the other direction using new painters tape- use the same spacing as you did for the other direction, paint, and wipe away.

You can totally add a wood frame to complete the finished look.

The directions for this project might be a bit confusing.  That is why I am including the link for the step by step video I made on how to do this painting technique.  

You can make signs, use this pattern on furniture and walls, just about anywhere!

I cannot wait to get the rest of the layers finished to decorate my mantle.  Stay tuned more is to come for the Valentine’s Day Decorating.