Those of you that follow me regularly know that I often am live in my craft area in our basement.  We recently added some wood to the background so that it doesn’t feel so basement-y when I am down there working.  I wanted to take it a step further in making it feel less like a basement and started to create some wall art for the space.  

I started with this project and I love how it turned out.  This is a simple project that costs under ten dollars (or less if you get a good deal on the canvas) and can be made in less than 30 minutes.  You can check it out here on my blog post or watch the live video here.

Now it is time to create the next pieces.  I wanted to make some wall decor using embroidery hoops. I had some left over from my wreath making project.  You can see those here.

I love how this turned out and my mind is already thinking about how I can use these to decorate my step daughters room.

You will need:

Embroidery Hoops- choose different sizes

Material- in different coordinating colors and sizes




Chip Brushes

Start with painting your embroidery hoops.  You can leave them plain or paint them with solid paint. I decided that I wanted the stained wooden look.  This is a painting technique that is easy to pull off and can be done using acrylic paint. No need to stain these outside.

Start with your paint color, I am using brown.  Paint the embroidery hoop and before the paint has a chance to dry, remove some of the paint using the damp sponge.  Leave just enough paint behind to allow the wood to show through. It is that simple.

Allow your newly “stained” embroidery hoops to dry.

Watch the step by step Facebook Live

Next take your coordinating material and decide which hoop will get which pattern.  I choose some Lily Pulitzer prints I found here on Etsy. I am sticking with the bright colors and tropical theme.  Imagine the possibilities here. You can get prints of your kids favorite characters. Or even better yet, buy a small piece of that expensive material you wanted to use for curtains but was WAY to pricey to cover your windows.  You could use a piece of clothing that has special meaning, like dads old shirt he wore every Sunday.

The possibilities are endless!

Open the embroidery hoop by turning the little screw.  You do not need to open it all the way- just enough so the inner hoop can come out.  Place the inner hoop on the backside of the material in just the right spot on the material.  Place the outer hoop on top of the material and push the inner hoop into the outer hoop with the material in between.  Tighten the screw up and straighten the material making sure you have it displayed the way you want. Then cut off the excess material.  Continue this with the other colors and material.

Hanging this art is easy it is so lightweight just a little nail does the trick. I am LOVING  how this is turning out.


What do you think?